Social Events

Throughout the school year, GJHP offers a variety of supervised social activities. Students are invited to participate in after-school events, school dances, sports outings, and gaming tournaments. These activities aid in creating positive connections between students at all grade levels, and provide a safe place to enrich students’ social development. Learn more…

Beach Bash!

GJHP would like to invite all 5th-8th Graders to the Annual Beach Bash! 

Thursday, June 8th 2017 at 2:30pm – 5:00pm

 Glencoe Public Beach

 $15 online/$20 at the door

 Register Here: BEACH BASH



6th Grade Social!

GJHP would like to invite all 6th grade students to the annual Sixth Grade Social!

Date TBD
(Friday night in March 2018)
Central School Small Gym
 $15 online/$20 at the door 

What is the 6th Grade Social?

The Sixth Grade Social is a social event for all Glencoe Sixth Graders.  It is held in the small gym at Central School and is sponsored by the GJHP (Glencoe Junior High Project).  Our Youth Directors and volunteer board members will be there to chaperone the event and make sure the night is filled with fun.  This year FAMOS! DJ Entertainment will be there to keep the music playing and familiarizing the kids with some of the traditional activities they will encounter next year at Bar and Bat Mitzvahs.  Drinks and treats will be provided.

What is the attire for the social?

The attire for the social varies by what the individual is comfortable wearing.  Our goal is for everyone to have fun and be comfortable.  Many of the girls dress in nice dresses, however, nice pants or other outfits are completely acceptable.  Some girls wear heels, others choose comfort and wear flats or even Converse.  It is up to the individual.  Most of the boys wear khakis or dress pants and a dress shirt.  Some of the boys choose to wear ties or even jackets.  That is completely dependent upon the comfort of the individual.

Is this a couples dance?

This is not a couples dance but rather a social gathering for all Glencoe Sixth Grade Students.  Often groups of students arrive together, but EVERYONE is welcome.
More information and registration will be available in the fall of 2017 for the 2018 6th Grade Social! 
Questions? Please contact Audra Donnelly at

Halloween Hoopla

Friday, October 27th 2017


Central School Small Gym

$10 online/$15 at the door



Halloween Hoopla is GJHP’s annual halloween dance. We encourage all 5th-8th graders to put on their costumes and dance the night away with music, games and more! 

Registration and more information will be released in the fall of 2017. 


Glencoe Anchor visits GJHP’s “insider” conversations with Central School alumni

Today’s Glencoe Anchor covers a new program for GJHP – a pair of afterschool conversations for Central School 8th graders and parents looking for inside, honest feedback on the transition to New Trier High School with recent Central School alums.

Eighth-graders at Glencoe Central School had the opportunity to get the “real lowdown” on New Trier High School from current Trevians on Friday Feb. 27.

The debut event offered two separate discussions, which both featured a panel of current New Trier students….Eleven recent Central School graduates on the panel answered questions about what life is like in high school….

While snacking on pizza, eighth-graders asked the panel questions about social life, academics, and extra-curricular activities….the group discussed a wide range of topics, including cyberbullying, homework load and the level of difficulty that freshman classes entail…

During the parents’ panel, parents asked the high schoolers about what they do on the weekends, strategies for making friends at such a big school, and how their kids should go about seeking extra help with academics during freshman year. Adam Fox, a parent of an eighth grade student, said the four New Trier teens who sat on the parents’ panel were very insightful.

“Their willingness to come back and do this for the school that they went to, for the kids and for the parents who are curious about the transition, is really excellent,” Fox said.

Read the full article in today’s print edition.

8th Grade Conversations: Transition to New Trier

GJHP invited all 8th grade students and their parents for an informational meeting about making the transition to High School. Come get the “real” lowdown from current New Trier on what it is REALLY like at New Trier!

How do I get around? Will I be able to manage everything? How much free time will I have? Will I meet new friends? 

 Students meet in the Oasis
Pizza will be served and GJHP Staff will be present to mediate
The student program is designed for eighth graders to have the opportunity to talk to New Trier students and get the “real lowdown” on high school. How do I get around? Will I be able to manage everything? Will I meet new friends? What does everyone wear? Pizza and drinks will be served
Parents meet in Misner Auditorium
FSG Staff will be present to mediate
A parent discussion about the transition to high school will be held at the same time from 4-5pm at the Misner Auditorium at Central School. This program is hosted by Glencoe Junior High Project, Glencoe School District 35 and Family Service of Glencoe.
Parents and students will meet in separate rooms to encourage open conversations about anything and everything!
More information and registration will be available in May 2017!
Questions? Contact Audra Donnelly at or 847-835-7623.