The GJHP Play

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Come out for the GJHP Play!

The GJHP Play is an great opportunity to be a part of an amazing production, work as part of a group, explore your inner actor, develop and build confidence, challenge yourself to grow on stage and in front of an audience. Or if you’d prefer to work out of the spotlight, as part of our creative stage crew, you can apprentice with our professional set design, construction, and tech staff — help build the set, run the lights or soundboard, manage props and costumes, do set changes, help to stage manage a full-scale production, and so much more.

The students develop an incredible bond that bridges all ages from 6 through 8 grade.  It is a unique opportunity within the Central School building to be part of a professionally directed theater program.  The GJHP Play is an integral part of the GJHP program. The play helps provide funding to bring all of our Central School and 5-8th grade Glencoe students our fantastic student Oasis, our skilled youth directors, well planned social service opportunities in our community, as well as our social celebrations; Halloween Hoopla, 6th grade dance, and Beach Party to our Central school students

What is the GJHP Play?

Glencoe Junior High Project underwrites, produces, and supports all aspects of an annual, inclusive no-cut musical theatre experience featuring 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students from Glencoe. The play is put-on and funded entirely by GJHP, a non-profit organization that provides middle school students who reside in Glencoe with a wide range of programs designed to encourage personal growth, social responsibility, and civic engagement

In order to assure a high quality production and valuable experience for our students, the GJHP organization hires a professional director, choreographer, music director, and set-designer to assist and oversee our students and crew. Cast and Crew fees alone do not cover these production expenses. While we work closely with school administrators and teachers, we receive NO funding from School District 35. The play, including its Ad Book and Ticket Sales is the major fundraiser for the GJHP, and all the programs it sponsors.

GJHP’s production is partially financed in part through student participation fees which go to cover costs such as sets, lights, sound, costumes, make-up, and staff salaries including our professional director, musical director, choreographer, and technical talent as needed for the production.