GJHP Play AuditionTips

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Get your photo taken and turn in all of your forms on time! All application forms are now online and we encourage online payments. Any one unable to complete an application or pay online can print forms in the Oasis prior to the Forms and Photos session to complete on paper, and/or can turn in payment at the Forms and Photos session. Payment is required prior to auditions; scholarships are available by request (please contact a the GJHP Play Liaison for more information; all scholarship requests will be kept confidential).

Attend the Audition Rehearsal. The Directors are making their time available to introduce the scenes, songs, and dances they will expect to see during auditions. If you are unable to attend this session, materials will be available on the GJHP website to help you prepare.

Be prepared! Study the materials you will be given at the audition rehearsal. Memorize and practice the lines. Practice singing the song. Practice the dance steps. Have others watch you perform.

SHOW UP FOR YOUR AUDITION ON TIME! If you are racing to get to your audition on time, you will not be able to put forth your best performance. It will not impress the Directors if you show up late and miss your scheduled audition start time.

Show energy! Make yourself heard. This could be the most important thing you could do. Project your voice. Speak distinctly and not too fast. Have energy in your voice.

Smile at everyone before you start and when you finish. A smile helps calm the jitters. Take a deep breath and have fun while you’re performing. Enjoy what you’re doing and it will show!

Look at your audience when you are speaking and singing. Don’t look down at your feet or up at the sky. Remember that a song is words with meaning…Look at the people in the audience. and tell them your story.

Play the scene…ACT, don’t read!! Actors are needed, not readers. Figure out what your character is like — what they want, what their goal is in the scene — and act accordingly.

Listen to the other characters and react. Remember that you are not just performing when you have lines. A good actor responds to what they hear from the other characters. This means you must be actively listening to them when you are not speaking. Sometimes responding may be only through facial expression or body language.

Give your best presentation. Keep quiet when you are waiting. Listen carefully to the Director. Take the process seriously by giving it your full attention. Look neat and presentable. Wear comfortable clothing and footwear that you can move and dance in and that makes you feel good. Directors are human, just like you, so make it easy for them to picture you in the role you want

Don’t worry about callbacks! Our Director will give the Producers a list of students for callbacks; those students (or their parents) will receive a personal call informing them of their callback time(s). Being called back means the Director wants to take another look. It does not mean someone has been cast in a part or someone else has not been cast in a part. It means only that you need to return for further auditions at the time specified.

And above all, HAVE FUN!