Cast and Crew Rules and Guidelines

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  • Attendance at all rehearsals is mandatory.
  • If you are absent from school, you cannot participate in play rehearsal that day.
  • Attendance is tracked. Repeated absences are unacceptable, and may result in scene limitation, removal or dismissal from the show entirely.
  • Rehearsals are held after school on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays (some Fridays and weekends as the show gets closer) in Misner Auditorium. An updated rehearsal schedule will be e-mailed to parents and students every 3 weeks. If that schedule indicates that you are not needed on a particular day, you do not need to come to the Auditorium. If you are unsure of the schedule — please check in at rehearsal and ask one of the producers. The rehearsal schedule will also be available on the GJHP website at

Pre-Rehearsal Snacks (“Snack Attack”)

  • Snacks will be available for purchase for 15 minutes each day beginning at 3:25, via a Snack Attack card only. No cash will be accepted for purchasing individual snacks. Snack Attack cards are $20.00 snack cards, which will be available for cash purchase at rehearsals. Cards are kept on file in the snack attack binder. Cards will also be available to purchase online at for $20.00.
  • Food is not allowed in Misner Auditorium, thus students must finish all snacks outside of Misner before rehearsal begins.
  • Water is the only drink permitted in the Auditorium. Labeled, reusable water bottles are preferred. If students use disposable water bottles, they must throw them out when they leave the auditorium.

Rehearsal Rules

  • Following Snack Attack, rehearsals will begin promptly at 3:40. Students must be seated quietly in the first 5 rows of Misner Auditorium at that time, ready to begin warm up vocal exercises and listen to Announcements/ Notes.
  • When actors arrive, they will place backpacks in a seat that is NOT in the first 5 rows. (Students will sit in the first 5 rows for vocal warm up and announcements).
  • Students must come to each rehearsal prepared with their binder, script and a pencil ready to participate and receive instructions from the Director and/or Musical Director. Students should make sure to write down and remember any changes made to their script or lines,
  • Actors are encouraged to learn their lines and songs as soon as possible. Rehearsals are much more productive if everyone is prepared and able to focus on the Director, rather than the script. Please encourage rehearsal time at home to learn lines and songs.
  • Each actor is provided with a play binder and a script. Each actor is responsible for his or her own script. Replacement scripts are available for $25.00 each.
  • In accordance with the Rules and Guidelines, students must sign in at every rehearsal. During rehearsals our actors are expected to maintain appropriate behavior and respect towards all adults, parent volunteers, and fellow students. Actors must display appropriate behavior at all times. Disruptive or inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated.
  • Actors are responsible for the tracking and care of their own make-up, shoes, costumes and props. Jazz shoes or sneakers are required for all rehearsals in order to move properly on the stage.
  • All cell phones must be turned off or on silent while in Misner. This is without exception. There will be no texting, game playing or use of smart phones during rehearsals. If anyone needs to make a call (for a ride home, etc.), they may do so in an appropriate area, with permission, outside the Auditorium.

When actors are not on stage:



Learn from others Be disruptive or disrespectful
Be respectful Leave auditorium (or other designated rehearsal space) without permission
Work on school work Go up on balcony
  • When an actor is not needed on stage for the scene being rehearsed, they are expected to remain quiet and show respect to their fellow actors.
  • Actors may stay in the Auditorium, sit quietly, watch and learn from their counterpart actors on stage.
  • Alternatively, if an actor or their counterpart is not involved in a scene being rehearsed, they must try to use time wisely and effectively. Students should quietly work on homework, either in the auditorium, or at a table outside in the hallway. As has always been GJHP policy, schoolwork and related responsibilities (studying for tests, etc.) are always priority, and the play is NOT an excuse for our actors’ not getting their homework done.
  • Actors may leave the Auditorium ONLY to use the washrooms or the drinking fountain in the back of Misner, do homework in the lobby or leave rehearsal early. If an actor is leaving the auditorium for any of these reasons, they must advise one of the adult chaperones or Producers.
  • Actors may not leave the Auditorium (or go to their locker) without explicit permission from a Chaperone or Producer.
  • Actors may not leave rehearsal prior to its scheduled ending time, unless explicitly excused/dismissed by the Director, Producers or Chaperone Chairs.
  • Actors must be respectful of each other’s property.
  • Actors may not go in the balcony of the auditorium.

Rehearsal Conclusion

  • Clean up after yourselves! All cast and crew must pick up their own water bottles and garbage and throw it away on the way out of the Auditorium. A repeated failure to do so will result in an actor not being able to have any drinks inside the auditorium during rehearsal.
  • Standard rehearsals will end at 5:30 pm. Extended rehearsals will end at 6:00 pm. Parents must pick up their actors at the end of the scheduled rehearsal. Our staff and producers have other commitments as well, and can not regularly stay late to wait with students. If we finish earlier, students can call their parents for an earlier pick up. For security purposes, pick up must occur in the front of Central School on Greenwood Avenue or at Misner Auditorium on Grove St.
  • There will be a lost and found in the lobby closet of Misner.

Failure to Comply with the Rules and Guidelines

As part of the Acceptance of Role, all Cast and Crew Members and their parents will be required to sign and acknowledge acceptance of the GJHP Play Cast and Crew Rules and Guidelines. It is the goal of the GJHP play that all actors have a positive and safe experience. Actors not abiding by the Rules and Guidelines will be subject to the following actions:

  • Any actor engaging in disruptive or inappropriate behavior will be asked verbally to correct their behavior.
  • If the disruptive or inappropriate behavior continues the actor be required to sit separately.
  • Continued disruptive or inappropriate behavior will result in an official ‘first warning” based on violation of the Rules and Guidelines and the actor’s parents will be contacted.
  • Any further disruptions will result in an official “second warning” and a producer will contact the actor’s parent and request that the actor leave rehearsal based on violation of the Rules and Guidelines.
  • Repeated disruptions or warnings may result in modifications or removal from certain scenes or production numbers subject to the Director’s/Producers’ discretion based on violation of the Rules and Guidelines.
  • In extreme cases, repeated violation of the Rules and Guidelines may result in dismissal from the play with no refund of cast or crew fees.