GJHP Play: Goals and Objectives

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The annual play is one of many activities sponsored by the Glencoe Junior High Project. This theatre production offers Glencoe Junior High Students the opportunity to participate in a learning experience which is designed to promote self confidence and positive social behavior and to provide opportunities for leadership. Developmental “stepping stones” fostered by the play include:

  • Learning the importance of group process and cooperation
  • Development of positive social skills
  • Experiencing the opportunity to interact with students from the entire Glencoe Junior High community
  • Learning about the decision-making process and the role that responsibility and commitment play in that process.
  • Discovering the importance of budgeting time by introducing an additional extra-curricular commitment into one’s schedule,
  • Exposure to new skills and interests: filling out applications, experiencing the audition process, participating as cast or crew members, selling tickets, working under the guidance of the production staff and other activities associated with production of live theatre.
  • Development and exploration of one’s own talents
  • Learning to recognize and appreciate the importance of each individual contribution to the process, as well as the final group product.
  • Learning to deal successfully with both achievement and disappointment.
  • Participation in an activity which results in the enhancement of self-esteem through pursuit of excellence.
  • Learning to enjoy oneself as part of a “company” ensemble.