Parent Committee Descriptions

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The success of the GJHP Play is always a direct result of the involvement and energy of the parents of cast and crew members.   As a result, parents of students who are on the cast and crew are expected to:

  • Serve on one or more Parent Committees (parents, grandparents, older siblings welcome!)
  • To chaperone at least two rehearsals (during school, evening, and/or weekend) and/or performances. Chaperones arrive 15-20 minutes before the start of rehearsal (3:10 p.m. on school days) and are asked to be available for approx. one hour to assist with Snack Attack and other play tasks as needed. You will have an opportunity to sign up for you time slots online.
  • To help solicit three business advertisements for the Tribute Book

Job/team assignments will be determined by September 19th. Please note that parents who do not want to volunteer can opt out of this commitment for an additional fee of $300, due on September 19th to secure paid staff to cover the necessary tasks.

A brief description of various Parent Committee responsibilities is listed below.

Production Team Leaders

We currently have assembled a production team consisting of parents working collaboratively to assist the professional staff and lead the volunteer committees.

We are looking for 3-5 parents of 6th and 7th graders to familiarize and learn about the logistics and management of the play, with an aim to be part of the Production Leadership Team next year. No experience necessary – just an enthusiasm for the play.

Production Team Roles and Committees

  • Costumes – help make, find, borrow, alter, or purchase items for costumes; costume volunteers are needed beginning in October for preliminary costuming (on your own time) and again during tech and dress rehearsals and performances; SEWING SKILLS NOT REQUIRED
  • Hair and Make-up – help design and spec hair and make-up requirements; volunteers must be available for all dress rehearsals and before all performances; this will not affect your ability to watch the show
  • Props – help make, find, borrow, or purchase items for costumes; volunteers are needed both in advance (on your own time) and during tech week/performance nights to help the cast locate/organize props
  • Sets – help construct and strike the set; mostly flexible evening and weekend hours; carpentry and painting skills (and tools) welcome but not required
  • Sound – help fit and track microphones during performance – attendance at all tech and dress rehearsals, and at least two performances required
  • Stage Crew Liaison – help organize stage crew student and parent attendance
  • Stage Crew Volunteers – supervise and assist student crew during performances; attendance during tech and dress rehearsals and at least two performances required
  • Chaperones On Call – volunteers are occasionally needed to fill in as a replacement on a few days notice for other parents with last-minute conflicts; must be available afternoons, with some flexibility
  • Cast Party – organize food, giveaways, setup, and takedown of the student cast (and crew!) party on the afternoon after the final Sunday performance; you will not need to miss the performance to do this

Business Team Roles and Committees

  • Tickets – attend cast and crew pre-sale night (one evening in January, TBA) and/or in-school walk-in sales sessions; must be available to sell tickets before at least two performances; you will not need to miss any of the show on performance nights
  • Lobby Sales (snacks, baked goods, flowers, souvenirs) – attend cast and crew pre-sale night (one evening in January, TBA) and/or in-school walk-in sales sessions; must be available to sell tickets before at least two performances; package items for sale; you will not need to miss any of the show on performance nights
  • Photography – attend occasional rehearsals; must attend at least one dress rehearsal to take photographs, select, and minimally edit photos for inclusion in the Central Yearbook, Tribute Book, publicity materials, and cast souvenir photo collection; high quality camera required since much of photography will be in low-light (no cameraphones)
  • Publicity – write the press release and reach out to local press; most can be done via email but some phone calls during business hours may be required
  • Graphic Design – produce graphic materials including the play poster, village sign, and possible other items
  • Ad Book Compliation – need someone with InDesign skills to compile the Ad Book.  This work could be split with anyone with graphic skills, in any package of their choice.
  • Ad Coordinator – confirm that paperwork, art, and payment has been received for ads that have been placed, and that the ads are in the final Tribute Book; this job does NOT require calling on any businesses or individuals, but does require good organization skills and attention to detail
  • Business Ad Sales – visit local businesses to seek advertising – some can be done on evenings and weekends, depending on the businesses being contacted
  • Family Tributes and Student Bios – contact play families to secure tribute ads, coordinate artwork, and student bios
  • Tribute Book Proofreader – must be experienced and highly attentive to detail

At-Large Volunteers

We are also in need of a few at-large volunteers who are available for occasional odd jobs. These may include photocopying, or driving to pick up snacks at Sams Club or promotional item from vendors. Most requests will be flexible and can be done on your own time with a few days’ advanced notice; some (e.g., picking up promo items) may require a few hours during business hours. If you are interested in being an at-large volunteer, please let us know your availability and we will work around your schedule.