Executive Board


Julie Ann-Klein & Shelley Pantelic


Treasurer                       Secretary

          Nancy Fadel     Dana Rosenthal Brookstein



Barrie Scher, Performing Arts

Lisa Mulvaney, Civic Engagement

Karen Mason, Social Events    

Jessica Therivel, Fundraising

Melissa Lederer, Communications 

General Board

Jenna Barnett

Sarah Berman

Nathalie Bloom

Kim Bloomberg

Alec Covey

Erica Freeman

Didi Friedman

Stephanie Goettsche

Jackie Goldin

Lori Goldberg

Maribel Grahm

Natalie Holtzman

Liz Kunreuther

Jennifer Meyers

Carla Quijano

Jessica Rosien

Leslie Shain Polakoff

Sheri Styles

Lynn Wolfberg


Board Advisors

Deborah Barr

Deborah Rintels-Weiner

Linda Lin

Stacy Pritsker


The Glencoe Junior High Project (GJHP) is a parent-led, non-profit organization that has sought to engage Glencoe middle school students into the community since 1973. In order to carry out our mission of fostering socially aware, civic-minded and community-oriented individuals, we offer Glencoe 5th-8th grade students opportunities to volunteer in their community, attend social activities and events, perform on stage, as well as access to a youth drop-in center in Glencoe's Central School. 

620 Greenwood Avenue

Glencoe, Illinois 60022

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