The new High School Mentor program pairs middle schoolers with High School students for fun, monthly events throughout the Glencoe area. Find out more and register below!

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Now Open to 5th-8th Graders!

February - June 2022

Next Event: Saturday, April 16, 1pm-3pm

$20 | Includes All Events!

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Once a month (from February to June 2022), Central School students will meet up with a designated High School mentor for a fun group event with all participants. Events may include: movie night, outdoor field games, ice skating, high school sporting events, pizza parties, and more!


Events take place one per month and last about 1.5–2 hours. All participants are asked to share their preferred schedule in order to develop the master calendar for the program.


The next event will be held Saturday, April 16, 1pm-3pm. Save the date for upcoming events: May 21 or 22 & June 4. Dates subject to change. Times TBD.

The fee for the entire program is $20 and includes all events!


A small transaction fee will be added at checkout.

If you have questions about New Trier Pals please email